* Clifford Dinsmore * Mike Neider

BL’AST! American Hardcore music, rock band formed in 1983 in Santa Cruz, California.
With an distinctive sound of a loud massive wall of sabbathy hardcore that intertwined with BF’s twisted energy. Record Labels Green World Records / SST Records / Southerlord Records / Rise Records have put out BL’AST! Music thus far.
First release, ”The Power of Expression”,1986. Recorded the album three times before releasing it. First were signed by Green World Records. Second release, iconic record label SST Records signed BL’AST! 1987’s ”It’s in My Blood”(LP) Schools out (EP). Who also got the rights to the first LP The Power of Expression. Third release, ”Take the Manic Ride”, released in 1989. Touring the U.S.

BL’AST! also were releasing new music on Santa Cruz Skateboard videos. SST and Santa Cruz Skateboards began shared videos and merchandise bridged by Blast as Neider had worked for the skateboard company.

2013 Southern Lord and Dave Grohl released a remixed and remastered version of ”It’s in My Blood”, entitled ”Blood!” http://www.spin.com/articles/blast-blood-dave-grohl-southern-lord-album-stream-black-flag-sst/ | title = Stream BL’AST!’s 1987 Hardcore Thrash Lickshot ‘BLOOD!’ Mixed by Dave Grohl| Followed by a release of unheard material of the first record Expression of Power re leased by Southernlord Records. Following that release, original vocalist Clifford Dinsmore and guitarist Mike Neider bassist Chuck Dukowski and drummer Dave Grohl to record a new Blast EP ”for those who’ve graced the fire” to be released on Rise Records. Mike Neider & Clifford Dinsmore, bassist Nick Oliveri and drummer Joey Castillo released a split EP with the band eyehategod, released on Rise Records. BL’AST! has begun touring and bringing the band to other countries and have been playing festivals such as Hellfest France w/ Black Sabbath as the headlining act. BL’AST! looking to release new albums and tour. Be on the look out!